A four-week class designed to prepare dog/handler teams for testing to register with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Teams practice the handling/temperament test, become familiar with the guidelines and insurance coverage for Alliance of Therapy Dogs and participate in roll-playing situations encountered in pet therapy visits. Dogs must be able to walk at the owner’s side with a loose leash. Dogs should know basic commands of sit, stay, and leave it. If the dog cannot walk with the handler without pulling on the leash, a basic obedience course is strongly recommended.


Upon completion of the class, the teams will be provided with information to contact a tester/observer with Therapy Dogs Incorporated. Testing is independent of Canine Star Training Academy (CSTA) and the therapy dog preparation class. CSTA does not guarantee passing the testing process for Therapy Dogs Incorporated. This course is not required for testing with Therapy Dogs Incorporated.


Distemper Vaccine and Rabies Vaccine, and highly recommend Bordetella (upper respiratory vaccine).


The fee for the program (one day-a-week for six weeks) is $75.00.


 Please complete the pre-registration form below and one of our trainers will contact you regarding registering for a class. We have something for everyone and we want to make sure we are meeting your needs. After talking with our trainer, you will be registered in the class. You will be asked to pay when you come to your first scheduled class. We take cash, local checks, and major credit/debit cards. You may also contact us by phone at (321) 266-3531.