Scent Work Club of Brevard County

  Most dogs love sniffing and now there is a sport that encourages this natural talent!  

Scent Work is a sport based  on the work of professional detection dogs.  

October AKC Scent Work Trial


SWCBC was honored to be the FIRST AKC club within Florida to offer the coveted DETECTIVE level competition on October 27th & 28th.  Novice - Master level Interior and Exterior searches were also offered.  Judges Natalie Duberow and Lind Bara-Weaver challenged competitors with creative hides appropriate for each level.  Following the completion of each trial the judges met with competitors to give constructive feedback and share their observations.  Despite moments of inclement weather and steamy temperatures outside, volunteers, judges and competitors braved the elements undaunted.  Thank you judges and volunteers, and congratulations to all who participated on your new titles and accomplishments!   



No upcoming events.




 In Scent Work, one drop of an odor (examples are birch, anise, clove or cypress) is put on a cotton swab and hidden out of site in a search area.  Search areas can include containers, interiors (inside), exteriors (outdoor), buried and vehicles.  Neither the dog nor the handler knows where the odor is hidden.  Your dog is the star of the show, first by detecting the scent, then communicating to you where the scent is located.  You then let the judge know by saying “Alert”.  Each dog will have their own way to tell you where the scent is located.  Teamwork between you and your dog is essential!  Scent Work is a fun and challenging sport, builds confidence, and strengthens your bond with your dog. It has a low physical impact, so it can be appropriate for a variety of dogs, including senior dogs and dogs with disabilities.    

Intro Class: 

A four week introductory scent work class, Scent Imprinting and Indication, is offered when there is interest. It is limited to 10  teams (Dog + Handler).


Level 2 Class:
A four week scent work class building on scent identification skills.  It is limited to 10  teams (Dog + Handler).


Workshop classes are open to all teams that have experience with odor recognition and indication and wish to improve handling skills and prepare for competition. Workshops are scheduled for 2 hours/once a month.


Distemper Vaccine and Rabies Vaccine, and highly recommend Bordetella (upper respiratory vaccine).


The introductory course, Scent Imprinting and Recognition, (4 weeks) is $60 for members and $75 for non-members.

Workshops are $10 per session for members and $20 per session for non-members. 


 Please complete the pre-registration form below and a scent work instructor will contact you regarding registering for a class. You will be asked to pay when you come to your first scheduled class. We take cash and local checks. 

You may also contact us by phone at 321-632-3647. Leave a message and someone will return your call.




For United States Canine Scent Sports Rules or to enter an upcoming Scent Work USCSS Trial go to their website at: USCSS.



For AKC Scent Work Rules or calendar of AKC Scent work go to thier website at: AKC

About Us

 The Canine Scent Work Club of Brevard County (SWCBC) is an independent club dedicated to the Sport of Canine Scent Work.   

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